About Deeks Gluten & Grain Free Bread and Foods

Our mission is to be the iconic provider of healthy delicious grain-free food.

We use the best quality ingredients in order to provide the tastiest range of grain-free bread & foods on the market.

It has taken many years for us to perfect our recipes. Our breads alone is a blend of seeds and other natural ingredients, incorporated to make the texture, aroma and flavour of a high calibre. The freshness and relatively long shelf life of our products is a testament to our dedication to exclude any added colourants and preservatives. The nutritional values found in each item are all naturally gained by each individual ingredient. Unlike other brands, we do not add or fortify our food with artificial vitamins or minerals.

We are excited to be able to bring to you a new range of products in addition to our bread line. 

Our products are especially suitable for busy people on the go, athletes seeking ultimate performance and recovery, and people with compromised immune systems.

We pride ourselves on our products deliver to happy retail and wholesale customers throughout Australia! Deeks – the best gluten free bread & grain free foods you’ll find in Australia.