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Latest from Deeks - Grain Free is Not a Fad

By Christie Stuart Christie 6/11/2019 2:57 pm

We often here about the latest and greatest diet that is sweeping the world. These then get over taken by another diet and another and we get a repetition of the “Fad Diet”. Grain Free is not a fad diet.

Gluten Free has grown in popularity and now represents a USD 4.72 market world wide. We have now have major food outlets and major producers that offer Gluten Free options. There has been huge growth in the popularity of low carb, Paleo and Keto. These all have a common thread of being Grain Free.

At Deeks we've been a proponent of a Grain Free diet since our inception, being the world’s first Grain Free baker. One of our founders, Bill Giles has been treating clients and advising for adoption of a Grain Free diet for the last 30 years. He has over 3,000 case studies outlining the positive impact going Grain Free has had for his clients, showing how a Grain Free diet unloads the immune system, reduces toxins in the body and promotes good gut health. This all equates to you feeling great, having better metal clarity, success and happiness.