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Latest from Deeks - No GMO

By Christie Stuart Christie 7/05/2019 8:28 pm

Deeks was the founded by Robert De Castella and Bill Giles. The purpose of Deeks was to make bakery products that are Grain Free - improving gut health, unloading the immune system and being gluten free. Deeks doesn’t use any genetically modified ingredients, preservatives nor additives.  There are no nasties in Deeks.

The foundation of our bakery products is made from a unique blend of different seeds and flours from root vegetables. To the base ingredients, we incorporate potato, coconut, some tree nuts and some fruit to produce a delicious and diverse array of breads, cakes, biscuits, pasta and flour mixes. All of which are Non-GMO and organic where possible. Our "King" ingredient is Quinoa and it's sourced from the high altitude, valleys of Bolivia – Quinoa’s native home. In fact we are so passionate and particular about the quality and botanical variety of Quinoa we use that the  developed the different Quinoa standards and categories because of our fanaticism around the quality of our Quinoa.