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Latest from Deeks - Deeks Cheese Board

By Christie Stuart Christie 1/12/2019 7:23 am

Simple and easy entertaining. 

Deeks cheese board features our Date and Walnut Loaf and Lavosh and a selection of your favorite cheeses. 

Cheese Board


4 slices Deeks Date and Walnut Loaf

Deeks Lavosh

Selection of cheeses (we used a Brie, a blue cheese and a hard cheese)

Dates (and other dried fruit - optional)

Walnuts (other nuts - optional)

Grapes (or other in season fruits)


Remove crusts from the Date and Walnut loaf slices, squash flat and toast.

Arrange toasted Date and Walnut slices, lavosh, cheeses, nuts and fruits (fresh and dried) on a cheese platter or plate.