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Latest from Deeks - Is Deeks Lectin Free?

By Bill Giles 6/11/2019 4:02 am

The appropriate answer is that, all Deeks products are guaranteed free of the group of agglutinins that occur in grass seeds and don’t occur in vegetable seeds such as quinoa. A point to understand is that ALL plants possess lectins. Some can be denatured by cooking and some can’t and this depends on the specific lectin array occurring in a species of plant. For example, the toxic lectin, gluten, is not denature by normal cooking, baking, boiling, whereas the toxic lectin phytohaemagglutinin in kidney beans is denatured by cooking.

However all the plants you eat, whether cooked or not will present some lectins to your body. The most long-term destructive lectins to the human adaptive immune system are the grain seeds, including rice and corn. These will eventually cause T-cell scarring in all people at some stage of their lifetime, which then presents as individual, mostly low-grade, symptoms of ill health which progresses over time to more limiting diseases such as the autoimmune diseases and are a precursor to cancer. These lectins cause people to age quicker. If you want to look and perform younger than other people your age, stop eating all grains. Research conducted by Bills Giles’ (one of Deeks founders) over the last 25 years has shown this.