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Latest from Deeks - Eating Grain Free Reduces Toxins in your System

By Christie Stuart Christie 6/11/2019 3:09 pm

Humans can only eat a few hundred species of plants out of the hundreds of thousands of species living on the planet. Most plants are just too toxic to eat because each plant species uses a great variety of defence chemicals, and among them are the toxic lectin groups. Humans suffer poor health when they eat plants with lectins that disrupt the "cell-to-molecule" and "cell-to-cell" communication. Plant lectins are anti-nutrients because block nutrient absorption.

Of the plant foods we eat, most of them have to be cooked, baked or boiled. Their temperature has to be raised to a sufficient level to break down the chemical structure of defense toxins and this includes lectins.

Deeks makes bakery products from Quinoa seeds, tapioca root, potato, and amaranth seeds. These plant products are safer than gluten-containing bakery flours. Their lectins denature at normal baking temperatures, and do not possess quantifiable amounts of coeliac-toxic prolamin epitopes.