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Latest from Deeks - Why Grain Free is a Non-Inflammatory Diet

By Bill Giles 6/11/2019 4:05 am

In plants, the main function of lectins is to protect the plant cells against invading fungi, virus and bacteria (microorganisms). Plants also use lectins to protect themselves against the insects and animals that attempt to eat them. Plant lectins can cause animal cells such as red-blood cells to clump together. They can disrupt immune T-cell function to cause illness and inflammation.

The most long-term destructive lectins to the human adaptive immune system are the grain seeds, including rice and corn. The lectins prevalent in grain seeds are anti-nutrients because they block nutrient absorption. Every person who eats grains experiences low to high grade immune system inflammation and disruption to the function of gut cells. Humans suffer poor health when they eat plants with lectins that disrupt the "cell-to-molecule" and "cell-to-cell" communication.

If the immune system is competent and is effectively monitoring gut bacterial populations and food lectin activity in the gut, it is able to act precisely when these actually attempt to enter through the gap-junctions. A competent immune system will mount a quick attack—not too strong to damage the enterocyte cells, and not too weak to allow infection or poisoning to occur within the body proper. If it is competent it will use the right amount of water pressure through the lymph system to back-flush the bacteria and the food lectins out into the gastrointestinal tract through the gap-junctions, instead of resorting to inflammatory cytokines.

If the immune system is incompetent, has communication scarring, or cannot "read" the bacterial/lectin threat, it will mount a late-stage defence and overreact by resorting to the use of inflammatory cytokines through T-cells (which record inappropriate memories to the events).

In a Grain Free diet the lectins prevalent in grains are removed from your gut thus the immune system doesn’t need to resort to these inflammatory cytokines.