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Posted By Theresa de Castella
14/11/2018 6:56 am
Why are there so many Allergies to Grains and to Wheat Especially? And the grains we consume in Australia aren’t the same as the grains eaten in other countries … especially when it comes to wheat.  ...
Posted By Theresa de Castella
14/11/2018 6:52 am
Traditional preparations of grains help with digestion. If you must eat grains like wheat, Spelt, rye, oats, rice corn, etc, try looking for sourdough or sprouted grain varieties.  ...
Posted By Theresa de Castella
14/11/2018 6:45 am
Grains have changed in the last 60 years. In the 1960s agronomists developed new cultivars of the different grains to increase yield per acre. ...
Posted By Theresa de Castella
14/11/2018 6:39 am
Why Avoid Grains?  Modern grains aren’t the same as they used to be a few hundred to even 50 years ago.  ...
Posted in Recipes | By Theresa de Castella
15/03/2018 2:30 am
Paleo Easter - Chicken Snitzel with Deeks Grain Free Breadcrumbs Not a fish lover? Crispy Easter alternative with this delicious recipe idea. Chicken Schnitzel with chunky avocado salsa is bound to send anyone's taste buds crazy. Grain and gluten free, preservative free, dairy free and nut free....
Posted in Recipes | By Theresa de Castella
8/03/2018 4:16 am
Easter Paleo Fish - Deeks Breadcrumbs...
Posted in Testimonials | By Theresa de Castella
5/03/2018 12:41 am
Gluten Free Foodie Blog Nice mention by food blogger, Gluten Free Foodie from last year. Have a read by clicking here....
Posted By Theresa de Castella
25/02/2018 3:39 am
EASTER TIME with DEEKS CHOC CROSS BUNS Indulge in the time honoured tradition of Hot Cross Buns. Have them warm, toasted or even chocolate!...
Posted By Theresa de Castella
13/02/2018 3:26 pm
Egg in Banana Log There has been confusion surrounding eggs being in our Banana Log. Please note that egg are definitley used in this product.  If you have an allergy or intolerance to eggs, please DO NOT eat the Banana Log! If you have recently bought a loaf this past week (from Monday...
Posted By Theresa de Castella
3/10/2017 11:41 pm
Abstract Background The relationship between macronutrients and cardiovascular disease and mortality is controversial. Most available data are from European and North American populations where nutrition excess is more likely, so their applicability to other populations is...