Despite the growing number of people developing intolerances to grains, food options have been very limited and the demand for tasty, healthy and grain-free foods was simply not being met…until DEEKS.

Grains, including wheat, rice, oats, rye and corn, are massive industries that today feed the world’s population, but they are not what mankind has evolved from.

All grains contain natural chemicals (like pesticides & fungicides) to protect them from disease and deter animals, insects and bacteria.

Over recent times (especially the last 50 years) grains have become more toxic as the food industry and scientists strive for more resistant crops, higher yields and longer storage life. This is done partly by increasing their natural toxins.

When we consume these grains, our immune system works and in some cases struggle to cope with these toxins, resulting in inflammation, low energy,  loss of vitality and poor health.

For some people the consumption of grains trigger serious health problems ranging from headaches, joint pain and bloatendness, to more chronic diseases like coeliac disease, IBS, heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

Our life today is hectic and our world is jammed with stress. We see increasing levels of chronic disease everywhere.  Having a good effective and strong immune system is essential to being able to perform at your best and live a good life.

The removal of all grains from your diet can help to refocus your immune system, and enable you to perform at your very best.

Grains contain binding agents that work well with other ingredients to create the texture and rise in gluten laden breads and baked goods. To achieve good taste, texture and appearance in grain free bread & gluten free products without gluten as a binding agent, has not been commercially achievable until now.

deeks has mastered the taste challenge and our products have met with rave reviews from our customers, many of whom choose deeks because they simply like the taste! Indeed, some who enter our shop marvel at the many varieties of breads, cakes and savouries that we have produced.