Whether you have been diagnosed as a coeliac, are gluten intolerant or simply wish to eliminate gluten from your diet temporarily, it can be difficult to find quality, tasty gluten free foods. Once people eliminate gluten from their diet, often the food that they tend to miss the most is bread. Everyone seems to love bread in some make, shape or form be it a slice of toast, a salad sandwich, dipping bread into soup, burger buns, hot dog breads or a delicious baguette. However, just because you are following a gluten free diet does not mean you have to miss out on these tasty breads! There is gluten free bread out there but sadly, the vast majority don’t taste good at all! Luckily,accessing tasty and affordable gluten free breads couldn’t be easier thanks to DEEKS online store.

Order some of the tastiest gluten free breads Australia has to offer with just a click of your mouse. DEEKS is your complete gluten free bread suppliers with a host of tasty gluten free loaves, rolls and baguettes. Entertaining friends or family for dinner? Even they will be impressed with DEEKS delicious dinner loaf, as it is the perfect accompaniment to both starters and main courses. Fancy some gluten free burger buns to top and tail your favourite burger? You can buy gluten free bread buns online from DEEKS online store. Our quinoa rolls and yeast, soy and dairy free rolls are perfect for use as a gluten free burger bun or breakfast bap.

If you fancy some bread with a little extra flavour, try our olive and cheese focaccia, tomato and basil loaf or olive & herb focaccia, each of which are also excellent choices for accompanying some cheese and wine. For those of you looking to buy gluten free bread online with a little hint of sweetness, try our date and walnut loaf, our soy free potato loaf or our pumpkin and pepita loaf. Delicious sweet tasting bread – how can you go wrong?

We wouldn’t be complete gluten free bread wholesalers if we didn’t offer a multispeed loaf. Our gluten free, multiseed bread is a classic and a best-seller with our online customers. It is the perfect alternative to wholemeal bread, containing a nutritious blend of sunflower, caraway, mustard, pepita, and black and white sesame seeds.

When you’re looking for the best gluten free bread, look no further than DEEKS online store. While you’re here you can also pick up some tasty snacks such as our mouth-watering chocolate loaf, our delightful gluten free banana bread and our ever-so-tasty pistachio biscuits as well as other gluten free essentials such as pasta, breadcrumbs and pizza bases.

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