Authored by Rob de Castella, AO, MBE

Australian Olympian & World Marathon Champion

I’ve spent my entire life striving for either my own personal best performance, or helping other achieve theirs. In 2005 my good friend and clinical biologist Bill Giles and I founded Deeks Health Foods because being healthy, fit and full of life requires good food, an active lifestyle and balance, but it’s not easy! Deeks Health Foods makes life easier.

Initially Deeks catered for people with auto immune diseases like coeliac disease by providing 100% grain and gluten free bread & foods that are practical and tasted great. Deeks has evolved from solely a provider of food for just coeliacs and the gluten intolerant.

More and more of our customers don’t have health issues; they just want more from their lives! They want to feel invigorated and energised by the foods they eat, not depleted, bloated and generally lack lustre. They want the confidence of knowing that what they eat will not only be good for them but that they’ll enjoy eating it too. All Deeks foods are 100% grain and gluten free so that they can help to unload the immune system, allowing it to function efficiently and be ready to do its job immediately when it’s needed.

The better your immune system, the better you perform and the better you live! This is the first time globally that a bakery has totally specialised in 100% grain and gluten free breads, cakes, biscuits and pastries. We also have an extensive grocery line that do not contain sugars derived from grains.

Recently the Paleo movement has highlighted to the world how much our foods have changed from the foods mankind has evolved to eating and has thrived on for millennia. Unfortunately ‘BIG’ food is driven, not by man’s nutrition, health or performance, but by profit. Having higher crop yields, more disease and pest resistance, longer shelf life, enhanced artificial flavours and colours all go against our ancestral programming and insidiously compromise our lives.

Deeks Health Foods is committed to providing you with delicious, convenient and healthy foods that enhance our evolutionary abilities and help everyone to achieve their personal best in life.

My family and I eat Deeks every day. Join me for a delicious investment in your health and well being.

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