Our philosophy has always been to provide the highest quality tasty products

Our philosophy has always been and always will be to create quality health foods, firstly to to those who suffer from allergies and intolerances to the intake of gluten and grains. These are predominantly those with coeliac disease but also include those with dairy and fructose intolerances, nut and soy allergies, reactions to artificial colours and flavours and those observing a vegan diet.

Our products are also created for those people who simply ‘feel better’ when they remove gluten and grains from their diet. Our co-founder Bill Giles meets many people who have produced a negative test result for coeliac but continue to suffer from symptoms when consuming gluten, despite not having the disease. You may not realise but there is a very good reason that many people experience a positive change when both gluten and grains are removed from your diet. You can learn more about this by reading Why grain-free is not just for coeliacs using the link below.

Those who are long-term supporters of Deeks will notice that we have continued to improve and grow our product range since our 2005 inception. Research into new ingredients, baking techniques and product types is an important part of our business and one which we continue to improve on each and everyday. Our passion for improving the way people feel, live and enjoy the consumption of wide range of tailored products is what drives us.

Corporate social responsibility also plays an important role in our business and we aim to give back wherever and whenever we can, both in ways that are important to our founders but also in areas that align with our business. Deeks is an avid supporter of the Indigenous Marathon Foundation and is always looking for ways to contribute to the community in areas that align with our corporate values.