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Deeks Health Food

Deeks Starter Kit (with $10 flat-rate shipping at checkout)

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A great way to start on your Deeks' gluten and grain free journey is with our starter kit. Including many of our staples, we've packaged up the must-haves when commencing on a nutritious gluten and grain free journey.

Just $49.00 and available with a flat-rate shipping free of $10.00, the Deeks' Starter Kit includes:

1 x Deeks Quinoa Loaf 600g
1 x Deeks Spirelli Pasta 300g
1 x Deeks Pizza Base (355g)
1 x Deeks Nutty Choc Biscuit 35g
1 x Deeks Breadcrumbs 500g

Please note: the Quinoa Loaf will come sliced. Please contact us if you do not want your loaf sliced.